Friday, April 22, 2011

emosi xsetabil..

haiipp.......! heheh...gelak plak dahh..
ermm..arini emosi xstabil..kt ofce pon wt prangai yg menjengkelkan..sng cter..
show out my trully attitude..!huhh..
i don't know cme be like that..
all the works give out to me,for do..!ishh...stupid!

that is about the place im training there..
about my self today..:'(
nothing happen,but im feel so sad
im crying in the shower..
try to hndle this feeling..but i cannot lahh..
ye,mmg bella arini kje nk nangis je..
tbe bleh mngenangkan nasib dri ney..
sdih sgt..nangis mcm kne rotan b'kali-kali..
thats mean..
sakit + sedih laa..? ermm...

its hard to say this..
but im want it!
people -ve or +ve?
don't know lahh
now..its hard to shre my problem..
its hard to saying about my self..
sekarang..kte ngn die xmcm dulu lg..
skit2 da brubah..xthu spe yg berubah..
itu msing pnye hal lahh
klau dlu2 die lahh tmpt mluahkn,,die jgk bg support..
skrg mcm xde je..:(
sng nk cter ape2 je kt die..
im really2 appreciate tht! tqvm my dear...:)
mne die?? ad je...hehehe..

p/s: hnye mmpu b'doa yg t'baik untuk sy dan die...

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