Saturday, April 16, 2011

terima kasih yaa..:D

a billion thousand for your advise..
thnks so..much!
i know,u and me,are in the same situation..
ehh..po kono lak ney nk sepiking..hahah..sjo yo..
haa..ckp nogori lak aii..
huhh..wht ever..
the truly about this entry is..
jus wanna to say..thnks to all my fren 4 ur advse..!
im take it in a gud positive thnkng! :)
especially for c.nelly..heheh..b'cos,we are in the same situation..
i know its hurts..but wht should i do?? try to find the way..n also try to solve it..
but i can't..! jus be patient n pray for the best rsult! yee..haaa...! thnks also for the understnd about my problem,,even tht's a not so important matter for u all..!
for me,it's very2 importnt..
in this situation try TO be professional get the gud way in handle it..:D

teett2..!! : msih mnunjuk kn mud yg mnis untuk cver sume t'rse dlm ati..:)

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