Wednesday, May 11, 2011


ye today is my birthday..thnks for all wishes!
sian kte..npe lak? xde ape lahh..
tqvm to my ibu..n ayah..
thnks a lot to my fren sbb nk join my party..hahah..
party lahh sgt kn? 
I'm appreciated that..
actually nk ajak sume mmbe2 diorng jauh..ssh lak nk trun..
xpe..lain kali lahh...
ermm..bler celebrate birthday t'ingt mse smbut kt poly..
best sgt! mmg xabs cter lahh..
thnks aten and her group kt kamsis..:D
thnks gk kt sume mmbe clas yg telah membancuh sy dengan tepung dan hmpir2 mnjd cekodok basi..hahahah..
macehh ibu wt cake ney untuk kte..:)

ermm...thnks gk yg sudi nk join my celebration..haha..
tq2..thnks gk pd aunty and c.intan yg bg sy hdiah..huhuhh..

paling best! die wish kte pnye bsday..
tu pon sbb kte da wish besday die dlu..hahah
nver mind lahh..

bakal kakak ipar sy..

pic candid,,sbb t'jotos pale wisyah..hahaha

i lurve u lahh mother!

hopefully all that i wish become true~~

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